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MGM Resorts International offers worldwide resorts and hotels, dining, meeting and convention facilities, retail and casinos.

MGM Resorts wanted to be able to keep all their prospective meeting planners and corporate event executives updated on their 15+ resort options for their next event, show or conference.
They didn’t have a specific web presence on all information related to the B2B business. There challenge was providing easy access and information on all 15+ resorts for their sales and field marketing teams to share with their audience.

Our Task: Digitize Your Brand provided to MGM a BuzzCard that drives traffic to a website showcasing their worldwide resorts and event option locations, brochure, pictures of past events, and links to their social media presence. As additional incentive, a rewards link was built-in to allow users play a MGM-opoly rewards and social game.

Interested in location and proximity based campaigns ?

Solutions using QR Codes, Near Field Communication (NFC) and Bluetooth (BLE) technologies.