We offer location and proximity-based custom digital marketing solutions, servicing special events, tradeshows, conferences and retail stores using Mobile Technologies- QR Codes, Near Field Communication (NFC) and Bluetooth (BLE) technologies.
The value of interacting with your audience in real time proximity opens up endless opportunities.



Leverages NFC integration into many promotional and branded merchandise materials. Wearables ( t-shirts, hats, wristbands) and other gear such as bags, buttons, key tags and stickers drive custom mobile based experiences built around your brand objective in real time.

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Leverage NFC Experiential Activation- Events, Shows & Retail  
TapStations or Mobile TapStations allow participants to interact with their NFC item. Launch social media, collateral, videos, data capture, incentives and more using gamification methods to create better brand engagement. Add a personal profile page accesible at and post event driving relevant and personalized experiences to your audience.

One-One NFC Merchandise
Allow your audience to develop a one-one experience with their NFC item. Create amazing experiences directly with your audience via your branded or print NFC merchandise. Social, Content-Video, Collateral, Data Capture, Sequence Experiences and more.

Bluetooth Beacon (BLE)


Let the power of Bluetooth push dynamic and proximity based messages automatically to your audience mobile devices

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Beacons are 1 to 3 inch square or rectangular plastic disks that can be placed in physical locations, such as a tradeshow, events. displays and retail stores.
A client-branded smartphone app provides ongoing interaction with the consumer for top-of-mind awareness. Push marketing and promotions, such as coupons, reward for purchase, music or movie downloads, as well as restaurant, retail or travel vouchers, providing a more engaging shopping or event experience. Add notifications for real time communication on relevant and meaningful experiences.

Scan Your Brand


Leverage QR codes to track a user’s experience at a live event, tradeshow or conference, to validate the user’s presence at a physical location, and to provide a more engaging experience at a booth or retail store.

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These are not your fathers QR codes. Our QR code apps not only can interact with more dynamic and colorful created QR codes but with purpose. We integrate logic and specific behaviors behind every QR code driving a personal and contextual experience all around your brand. Add trivia, scaling points, questions and rewards and see your mobile experience shine on your users device.

Interested in paper USB or interactive business cards ?

interactive promotional product that plugs into a computer and launches interactive,web-based landing pages and web applications for a unique digital marketing experience.